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Ways To Create New Year’s Intentions As A Family – Yitzhak D Stern

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Ways To Create New Year's Intentions As A Family - Yitzhak D Stern

The start of the New Year is a perfect time for families to come together and collectively set intentions. It’s an opportunity to let go of all the struggles from 2022 and create mindful practices around creating an action plan that your family can work on throughout 2023. According to Yitzhak D Stern, from recognizing what truly matters in life to understanding how each member can contribute positively towards change, spending some extra quality time together discussing these topics offers a meaningful impact as individuals and as a family unit!

Yitzhak D Stern Lists Ways To Create New Year’s Intentions As A Family

One way to create New Year’s Intentions as a family, as per Yitzhak D Stern, is to start the practice of gratitude. Showing appreciation and thankfulness for the blessings in life can help families focus on what’s important and lift each other up. You can make this into a family activity by having each person write down one thing they are thankful for on pieces of paper, place them in a jar or box, and let family members draw out slips throughout the year to express their gratitude.

Another method is to come up with an intention word or phrase that you want your family to embody during the new year. It could be something like “empathy” or “be kind” that everyone in the family can strive towards. You can write down the word or phrase and hang it somewhere visible in your home to serve as a reminder of your intention and set the mood for the year.

Take time as a family to sit together and talk about what each member hopes to achieve during the new year. Talk about goals, dreams, and aspirations that everyone has so you can create an environment of support. Each person should share how they plan on achieving their goals, who could help them along the way, and what kind of action steps they will take to reach their objectives. Knowing that others are cheering them on is a great incentive for staying motivated!

Create challenges throughout the year, such as reading one book a month or learning something new every week. These challenges can be tailored to each family member’s interests, so everyone can join in on the fun and learn a bit at the same time. The challenges don’t have to be big–even small ones like taking a nature walk together or cooking something new can be enough to keep everyone engaged and motivated throughout the year.

Finally, Yitzhak D Stern recommends making sure to check in with each other from time to time to see how everyone is doing with their goals and intentions. Celebrate successes and offer encouragement for anything that may not go as planned. Doing this helps foster relationships within the family and strengthens bonds between members. It also serves as a reminder of why you chose certain intentions, so you can stay inspired towards achieving them!

Yitzhak D Stern’s Concluding Thoughts

As a family, creating New Year’s Intentions together is a great way to start off the year on the right foot. According to Yitzhak D Stern, by taking some time to discuss what everyone would like to achieve in the coming year and writing them down, you can hold each other accountable and help each other stay on track. Plus, it’s a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy!