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Matt Teeple Explains How Sports Can Aid with Depression in Children

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Matt Teeple Explains How Sports Can Aid with Depression in Children

Most parents are aware of how organized sports can help children stay active while decreasing the risk of obesity. 

Matt Teeple explains that sports also help aid with depression and other mental health disorders. Adults usually forget what it is like to be a kid. Most children go through an intense phase of depression and anxiety during their teens as they learn and adapt to the world around them.

One way to make them emotionally and socially strong is by introducing them to sports. 

Matt Teeple Explains How Sports Can Aid with Depression

1.      Improved Self Image

In today’s world, Matt Teeple explains that children fall victim to unhealthy messages that destroy their confidence, self-esteem, and body image. They may be bullied, resulting in depression and anxiety from a young age.

However, introducing them to sports allows them to become part of a supportive team that encourages them to do better. This is especially true for girls as they develop body issues during their early teens. 

Kids that struggle with self-esteem issues can use sports as an escapism technique as they realize that there is something bigger in the world that they can focus on. 

2.      Increased Social Skills

Matt Teeple remembers that one of the most challenging parts of growing up is learning to interact with strangers and make friends. Many children develop anxiety and depression because they do not have a good support system or are not introduced to a social setting that will allow them to make friends.

Enrolling your child in sports from a young age can help them build life-long friendships and connections. It can boost their social skills as they learn the importance of teamwork. Moreover, you are introducing them to a community that allows them to connect everywhere they go.

3.      Having a Mentor is Great

Even though parents and teachers play an important role in a child’s life, sports coaches can become mentors that fulfill important roles in the child’s life.

A sports coach is a new person that the child is introduced to and learns to trust. In most cases, a coach becomes someone the child looks up to and asks for help in times of need. 

This is particularly helpful for children struggling with depression and anxiety because their coaches become their safe space, encouraging them to learn new skills, challenge themselves, and accomplish dreams that seemed impossible.

Matt Teeple’s Concluding Thoughts

When growing up, children spend most of their time figuring out the world around them and who they are. Matt Teeple explains that it is easy for children to feel lost and disconnected, especially if they do not have a lot of friends or a support system to fall back on when they need some help.

Not only do sports help boost endorphins in the body, but they can also introduce your children to a life-long community that will encourage them to do their best. In sports, competition can be motivating, allowing children to be the best versions of themselves.