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How Working Parents Can Spend Time With Their Kids – Matt Teeple

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How Working Parents Can Spend Time With Their Kids - Matt Teeple

Working parents often have a busy schedule as they zoom from one task to another and have little to no time left when they come back home from work, mostly after sunset. 

With no downtime left, Matt Teeple understands that spending time with kids can become a struggle as working parents are left with no energy and patience to socialize and usually just want some peace and quiet so that they can unwind.

However, experts have proved that the amount of time parents spend with their children eventually impacts their emotional and social development. 

Tips for Parents to Spend Time With Their Kids by Matt Teeple

1.      Daily Check-Ins

Finding time to talk to your kids can be stressful, especially after a long day at work. However, Matt Teeple recommends calling your kids when they come home from school. Take a small 10-minute break or take out some time during your lunch break to check up on your kids.

You will usually get a standard “it was good” on most days, but on the tough days, your children will talk to you. Moreover, this method will help them trust that even though you are a working parent, you are always available to hear them out.

Don’t think of this conversation as a routine questioning call, but instead, as the quality time you spend with your children without being physically present. 

2.      Be Present for Bath Time and Bedtime

Matt Teeple believes that life is smoother than rituals and routines are established. Not only can this help working parents prioritize their time, but it can allow children stability as they will know what to expect.

Instead of thinking of hurrying through bedtime rituals and getting your children to sleep before the clock hits nine, think of it as spending quality time with them. Find a song that you and your kids like and play during bath time so that it becomes a special memory they share with you.

Teeth brushing can be made into a game where you explore your children’s hobbies- for example, if your child is interested in space, you can pretend that they are jumping from planet to planet with each brush stroke.

3.      Give Your Kids a Voice

Matt Teeple understands the struggles of giving up control when it comes to your children. However, that does not mean that you should deny their requests to spend time with you.

Each time you get home from work or are free over the weekends, allow your kids to choose what they want to do and how they want to spend their time with you. Maybe they want to introduce you to a new game, paint together, or simply sit and talk to you.

Not only will this help empower your kids, but it can also help you learn something new.

Matt Teeple’s Concluding Thoughts

Matt Teeple understands the struggles of working parents and how hard it is to balance work, relationships, and personal time.

However, these tips can help you strengthen the bond you share with your kids.