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How To Gauge The Trustworthiness Of Potential Hires: By Attorney Tommie Harsley

Trustworthiness Of Potential Hires

As a business leader, finding trustworthy and reliable employees to join your team is essential for success. Not only do you need staff who will work hard throughout the hiring process and contribute valuable ideas to the workplace, but also those who can be trusted with confidential information and take responsibility for their actions. In this blog post, Attorney Tommie Harsley discusses how you can gauge the trustworthiness of potential hires so that you can ensure your company has an honest and dependable workforce.

Attorney Tommie Harsley’s Tips For Gauging The Trustworthiness Of Potential Hires

1. Ask Candidates About Their Professional History – One of the most important ways to gauge a potential hire’s trustworthiness, as per Attorney Tommie Harsley, is by asking them about their professional history, including what jobs they have held in the past and why they left those positions. This can help you learn more about the candidate’s character and commitment to work, as well as give you insight into any red flags that may exist. It will also help you determine if the individual is capable of taking on the responsibilities associated with your role and fitting within your organization’s culture.

2. Check References – Checking references from previous employers or colleagues is another great way to get an accurate picture of a potential hire’s trustworthiness. Ask for at least two references who can vouch for the candidate’s work ethic, reliability, and professionalism. This will help you make sure that the person you are considering hiring is not only qualified but also likely to be a reliable team player.

3. Ask For Evidence Of Previous Success – When evaluating potential hires, it is important to ask for evidence of their past successes. This could include a portfolio of work they have done or written samples from previous employers. By seeing examples of their work and how they performed in similar roles, you can get a better understanding of whether they would fit in well with your organization and bring value to the team.

4. Assess Their Interpersonal Skills – It is just as important to evaluate candidates based on their interpersonal skills as it is to assess their technical abilities. Gauging a candidate’s ability to communicate clearly, work collaboratively with others, and handle difficult conversations can help you determine whether they are trustworthy or not.

5. Look For A Positive Attitude – The last tip by Attorney Tommie Harsley for gauging the trustworthiness of potential hires is to look for signs of a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the job during your interview process. If you sense that the person seems eager to learn new things and take on challenges, then this is a great sign that they would be reliable in the role and willing to go above and beyond when needed. It also demonstrates that they have an open mindset which will help them build strong relationships with colleagues and become a valuable assets to the company.

Attorney Tommie Harsley’s Concluding Thoughts

By putting these tips by Attorney Tommie Harsley into practice, employers can make sure they are only hiring people who have a proven track record of trustworthiness and will be an asset to their team. Doing so can help create a positive work environment while also ensuring that everyone at the company is held accountable for their actions. This, in turn, can lead to increased productivity, morale, and ultimately greater success for any organization.