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Challenges that Caregivers Face – Hugues Joublin

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Challenges that Caregivers Face - Hugues Joublin

Caregiving can be a very challenging job. As a caregiver, you must be very committed to your actions. You are expected to know the inside out of a patient and should be able to work with them in the best way possible. In this guide, Hugues Joublin sheds light on a few challenges that caregivers face daily in their lives.

Caregiving Challenges by Hugues Joublin

Here are a few common roadblocks caregivers have to face.

1.     Emotional Stress

Dealing with someone entirely dependent on you for their well-being can be emotionally stressful. Knowing and understanding that you have to deal with everything they put you through automatically makes you feel pressured. This is even truer for caregivers working with patients who have gone through some sort of trauma.

2.     Feelings of Isolation

Caregiving is extremely time intensive. You have to spend most or all of your time living with a patient and caring for them. This can give way to feelings of isolation. You might feel like you have no time for yourself in life, which can make you feel bogged down and very lonely. Hugues Joublin says that caregivers should take some time out for themselves. It is imperative for their health.

3.     Time Management

With so much to do regularly, caregivers might find themselves struggling with time. This mostly depends on the type of patients they have to care for and their needs. But it can be overwhelming to always have your eyes set on the clock for tasks lined up for the day.

4.     Lack of Privacy

Depending on how advanced the patient’s ailment is, you must spend time with them.

5.     Feelings of Guilt

Sometimes, no matter how hard caregivers work, feelings of guilt tell them that they could have done better and are not giving their utmost effort to what they do. Hugues Joublin says that guilt might also come from not being able to spend time with your loved ones or do things you would have otherwise liked to do.

6.     Little to No Professional Resources

For caregivers, there is nothing they can refer back to if they wish to get better at what they do or get answers to certain questions. This can sometimes leave them wondering whether or not there is scope for growth in this field. This is even truer for someone who does not have formal education in this field and decides to become a caregiver.

7.     Lack of Support

In most cases, caregivers have to single-handedly take care of most things which can be very stressful for them.

Final Words by Hugues Joublin

While caregiving is rewarding, there are certain challenges in this field too. With these caregiving challenges pointed out by Hugues Joublin, policymakers can further work towards giving caregivers a platform that allows them to grow and work towards making a better career trajectory for themselves.